Pregame's Sports Betting Preview Show (10/02/08) - LISTEN NOW!


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Pregame's Sports Betting Preview Show (10/02/08) - LISTEN NOW!


The latest edition of's Sports Betting Preview Show is now up and ready to go. In this week's episode, Tommy Rider, Matty O'Shea and The Godfather Marco D'Angelo discuss the following topics:

--How to handicap NFL teams going into and coming off bye weeks

--Marco and Vegas-Runner's performance in the Money Talks contest

--Game of the Week (Ohio State at Wisconsin)

--E-mail Question of the Week

--Exclusive Weekly Selections (Tommy going for three in a row and Marco's world famous "Stench Play" going for five straight)

Click Here to Listen to this Week's Show!

  • thank you Tom for the pick today, I flipped a coin and pick Florida to hammer my local bookie at $15,000.00.00 I know, IT'S CRAZY! but it went through. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Thx! always.

  • Great show again fellas, always enjoy it. Great addition to the sight.

  • Tommy-

    WSox vs Matty's World Series call!! LOL.....about as good as my Angels vs Cubs prediction a month ago!!...............

  • The bench is deep!

  • Not looking too good right now DMoney.

  • Great show guys, I like the Chicago series prediction by Tommy. I just emailed Matty about that myself! Nice Stench play again by Marco, that sould be a tough one!

  • player, right-click on the link and "save-as" to your desktop.  Then click on the file and it should play.  Otherwise, try downloading quicktime.

  • Great Show Fellas...and I am so disappointed that I couldn't make it because I look forward to doing the show with you guys each week...and more importantly getting the opportunity to talk sports with you guys before and after the show is a lot of fun...I will definately be there next week and just wanted to say that the show was great this week...VR

  • cant ??????????????

  • Is anybody listening?