Football Picks: The Mush's Week 5 NFL Fades


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Football Picks: The Mush's Week 5 NFL Fades

Fade The Mush and you won't have this look on your face Sunday night.

I'm a huge Seinfeld fan to the point where 40 percent of my spoken language comes from Seinfeld episodes (The other 60 percent comes from movie lines). One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes ever is when George Costanza does the opposite of everything he normally does because every decision he's ever made has been wrong. As Jerry said, "If every decision you've ever made has been wrong, then the opposite would have to be right."

I have this friend who has been gambling for 20 years and I think he's collected twice in his whole life. Luckily, he offers other services that provide a steady income. I won't get into specifics but let's just say he doesn't fill out a tax return at the end of the year. This guy is such a pear-shaped loser, that he's become known as "The Mush" to those of us who know him best. You want to see square. The only time this guy bets an underdog is when it's one of those obvious underdogs like the Cowboys getting two-points at Philly or something like that. People often ask me, "How do you win at sports gambling." While I never give them this answer, the obvious response is "Fade The Mush." The funny thing is, this guy actually thinks he's a good gambler. I once asked him, "When is the last time you collected?" His response was, "I collect all the time. You are the jinx. Every time I tell you my plays, I lose."

So I called The Mush this week and he's agreed to give me all of his plays this NFL season so I can track them. I got to thinking and I figured, why not share these losers with the Pregame community? So every week I will call The Mush on Thursday and ask him his plays, then post them here. Like I said, this guy is a born loser.

The Mush continued his downward spiral last weekend, going 1-3 and he needed a late touchdown from LaDainian Tomlinson just to get the one. He's now 7-10 on the year and 1-7 the last two weeks. Here are his plays for Sunday:

Colts -3 (Best Bet)
I put this one up two weeks ago and when I saw the line come out I started writing. No way was Mush going to pass up the Colts -3, regardless of who they are playing. Not surprisingly, 82 percent of the public are with The Mush on this play. Mush doesn't have much faith in the Texans this year. "The Texans are terrible. They played a good game last week and still lost. The Colts will be on fire after their bye week. This game won't be close."

Fade The Mush: Texans +3

Chargers -6.5
I couldn't be happier to see Mush on this game because I think Miami has a shot to win this one outright. Mush and I went back and forth on this for a while, with him saying, "You are just on the Dolphins because you worked for the Pats and you couldn't believe they killed them. The Pats don't have a quarterback. What are they going to do? Run that Darren McFadden offense against the Chargers again? No way. The Chargers will blow them out." Close to 60 percent of the people agree with Mush, so we'll see what happens.

Fade The Mush: Dolphins +6.5

Patriots -3
Of course, two seconds after telling me the Patriots suck and don't have a quarterback, Mush tells me he likes New England. When I questioned his approach, Mush replied, "I don't think the Pats will make the playoffs this year but no way will J.T. O'Sullivan beat Bill Belichick's defense. San Fran finally played a good team last week and got killed. They will get killed again by your Pats." Even with no Tom Brady, the Patriots are currently being backed by 82 percent of the public.

Fade The Mush: 49ers +3

Cowboys -17
Mush and I are both Cowboys fans and I actually agree with him here. I think Dallas loves to play the bully role and will just keep piling on the points against a horrible Bengals squad. Mush agrees. "T.O. will score four touchdowns and everyone will love him again. This game will be over by halftime." As much as I like to disagree with Mush, I'm on the exact same page with him here. The Mush is actually going against the grain with this pick, as 84 percent on the money is on the Bengals right now.

Fade The Mush: Bengals +17

Titans -3
This fits one of Mush's favorite systems. He likes to take undefeated teams at a low number until they lose. I'm not saying it's really that stupid but I knew he would be on the Titans here. I was very impressed with the Ravens on Monday night even though they lost to Pittsburgh but the Mush wasn't overblown. "I think they caught the Steelers sleeping a little bit but that won't happen this week. Tennessee is a new team now that their bust quarterback is on the bench. Flacco has no chance against this defense. I will take this at -3 every time." I know he will and so will 60 percent of the public.

Fade The Mush: Ravens +3

Mush's Season Record: 7-10
Best Bets: 2-2

  • love to hear about your service

  • I like his simplistic approach; Goodfella's son has a better system!

  • Wait wait wait. 84% of the money is on the Bengal!?! What, because Chad Johnson said they're gonna commit more felonies?

  • Nice, my 5 year old son is opposite 3 of his plays & on only Dallas. lol

  • My bet is already in on the Texans and Dolphins. Thanks Mush.