Matt Millen: "The Fans Don't Understand the Game of Football"


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Matt Millen: "The Fans Don't Understand the Game of Football"

Lions fans protest the existence of the biggest buffoon in the NFL: Matt Millen.

In a recent interview, Lions "President" Matt Millen said the team just needs to "stay the course." What course is that? Since Millen was hired by Detroit, the Lions are a dismal 31-83. Not to mention the team he took over went 9-7 the year before, a mark the Lions have rarely even sniffed with Millen at the helm.

Millen went on to say, "It's a little bump. ... It's not like you have to panic. You don't have to make wholesale changes. You don't have to do all that stuff. It's all right there."

You don't have to panic? What is "all right there?" We knew this guy was stupid but now I think he may be downright nuts as well. And there's more. According to Millen, the Lions are one heck of a football team when it comes to practice.

"I said at the beginning of the season, 'Come on out, and you'll like what you see,' " Millen said. "And I think the people who came out (to training camp), they like what they see because they see discipline. They see the approach is right. They're practicing right. All the little things."

Obviously Millen doesn't consider winning one of those "little things." When a reporter followed up and asked Millen how he would respond to a fan who said he doesn't give a darn how well the team looks in practice, the bumbling Millen replied, "Well, if a fan says that, then they don't understand the game of football, because it can't happen on the field if it doesn't happen here."

The fans don't understand the game of football? This guy really has a set on him, doesn't he? He's mocking the fans, meanwhile, he's the biggest laughingstock in the NFL. Although, I'm sure Lions owner William Clay Ford will give Millen another raise because apparently, the former linebacker has dirt of unprecedented proportions on Ford if he's been able to keep his job this long.

But one thing Ford can look forward to is Millen will definitely "Stay the course." Unfortunately for Lions fans, that course is being one of the worst teams in the NFL. But you should see them in practice though. They look like the 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers and that's the most important thing to Millen. It certainly isn't winning.

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  • Dude has gotten a FREE PASS for like the last 3 years now.....HE HS TO HAVE SOMETHING ON Mr. Ford............

  • Bill Ford Jr., the son of Lions owner William Clay Ford, said Monday that Matt Millen should leave the team.

    Ford Jr. is the Lions' vice chairman, but only William Clay has authority to fire the the general manager. Still, this is the closest the Ford family has come to ousting Millen, whose club is 31-84 since he was hired.

  • His name should be Matt Massengill, cuz he's a douche

  • Check this out - JD made Bill Simmons' latest column on ESPN:

    "My wife found me sitting in a dark room in my boxers watching Barry Sanders highlights at 2 am last night. She asked me what I was doing, and I explained I was just reminiscing about the only time in my life I openly enjoyed watching pro football. The last time Barry touched the ball was over 8 years ago. In my 26 years of existence I have seen the Lions win ONE playoff game. My dad of 50 years has seen only ONE playoff win as well. It was the 1991 game against the Cowboys. At the time, I never understood why my dad had the look of a man who had won the lottery. Only now do I understand the significance of that day. My point is Bill, us Lions fans are in dire straights. The only thing worse than anger is apathy. When do you finally give up on a NFL franchise?"

  • No shit, MJ. Especially when I needed them to go 5-0 and hit a FAT round robin. Was at Venetian Sportsbook sick.

  • Maybe the fans don't understand how you can take a 4th quarter lead with 6 minutes to play against a division rival at home and then get shellacked with 21 unanswered points to the final gun.

  • Wow, that's the way to hire people. I can see Ford saying after they fire Millen, "Hey, that Tony Kornheiser makes me laugh. Ask him if he wants to be GM." What a way to run a franchise.

  • As I understand it, he got the job because William Clay Ford thought he was good in the broadcast booth, and I remember all the ass puppets at the time (Joe Theismann, Tom Jackson, Chris Berman) saying what a great GM he was going to be.

    By those qualifications, the insufferably arrogant Randy Cross should be getting a call any day now.

  • It's a conceited, uncalled for comment regardless of who makes it. However, at least if someone like Belichick made it, you can understand why he is so smug. The guy has one three Super Bowls. But where is Millen getting his balls from? He should be thankful just to have a job because seriously, he may be the worst decision maker in NFL history. You even mention his name to anyone in the NFL and they all get the "Oh my God this guy is a clown" look on their face. JD, do you know why he still has a job?

  • I would ask for a refund Johnny. This guy couldn't put together a solid pop warner football team.

  • Being a season ticket holder, he can blow my "Polish Ball Bag".....He should explain why out of all the offensive lineman taken in the 1st round the only one not playing is the one we drafted........

  • The Lions look great in practice because they are playing against themselves!! lmao