Headline of the Year: Close Shave for Kuntz


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Headline of the Year: Close Shave for Kuntz



Best Headline Ever. Ever.







  • Carper Dave, that's the funniest thing i've on Pregame.  By the the way I love shaved Kuntz. no gagging!!

  • Best headline ever was in Oct. 2005

    "Nutt chooses Dick to replace Johnson in game vs. Cocks"

    Houston Nutt, Casey Dick vs South Carolina...look it up.

  • It was Bulletproof.  Congrats.  I still think that's a funny flick.

  • I know it's Adam Sandler. Without looking it up I'll take a shot with the movie he did with one of those unfunny Wayans brothers. Bulletproof I think it was? That's my guess. It may not be that movie but it's Sandler for sure.

  • This reminded me of a movie quote.  Tommy, let's ee if you can guess the movie:

    "This is a '70s porno. You know how I can tell? Because the guy's dick has sideburns."

  • Too much info Tommy - you took all the fun out of this blog.

  • SHAVE IT!~

  • Well, this is a big story to me. I haven't seen Kuntz bald in quite a while.

  • Maybe I'm old school, but I prefer Kuntz with a bit of hair.  Not like a full on afro, but perhaps a close cut mohawk

  • Oh come on Chad. Bald Kuntz is where it's at. I say the more bald Kuntz is, the better.

  • Not a fan of bald Kuntz.