What are Your Favorite Sportsbooks?


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What are Your Favorite Sportsbooks?


I know we always have a lot of threads on the forums about choosing a sportsbook. I think we probably all have different criteria for selecting a sportsbook. For me personally, customer service and getting the lines up quickly are two things I always look for in a book. I don't mind a good sign-up bonus either and you can find some of the best in the business over at Pregame Action if big bonuses are something that interests you.

Two of the sportsbooks featured at Pregame Action are Bodog and BetUS. And while it's certainly in my best interest to promote those books, in reality, those have been my two top books for years now. I like to bet a lot of underdogs in football and Bodog is a great place to get line value with dogs. Plus, overall, Bodog has been my favorite book for years. Perhaps it's because it was the first place I started using and I'm familiar with it but I just feel comfortable using that particular book and I've never had any problems with them.

A lot of people don't like BetUS but I've always loved that book. I think they have a ton of lines on a lot of different things and they are always one of the first places to put up the next day's action. BetUS is also known for its enticing sign-up bonuses and I find the customer service people always reply to you within minutes, and that's something I like. I hate places where you have to beg for help.

Now, with BetUS the one negative is you have to wait a while to get your payout. Because they had to cut down on the processors they use, it takes much longer to get paid than it did just a year ago. Like I said, I've always received payment from them, so waiting a little longer in exchange for good customer service and a plethora of different lines is worth it to me. Again, I know a lot of people have had problems with this book because when someone IM's me and asks what book I use, they are shocked when I say BetUS. But I tell them, I've never had any problems with them other than the waiting. Maybe I'm just lucky.

So those are the two online books I use. Of course, now that I live in Vegas, I can just drive down the street and place all the bets I want, so I don't use the online books quite as much anymore. But for all the people looking for sportsbooks out there, I would be interested in hearing which ones you use and which ones you stay away from, along with the reasons why.

  • I just withdrew from bodog, and the email they sent me said it would take about 40 business days to get my check !!  can some one please explain this . I  think its absurd.....can someone give me a book that it wont take so long ?


  • I like BetUs's wagering options. But that's it about them.  I knew DMMan would say Pinnacle; he misses those One-Run baseball lines. Personally, "Joe The Barber" was the best.

  • Bet Jamaica....by far top notch in 10 cent lines in MLB and great customer service.  Only downfall is the complications DEPOSITING money.  Getting paid is no problem.

    BetUS by far the worst book.  MLB lines are terrible.  Website is constantly down.  Yes they have a new look, but the site is still slow and still goes down quite often.  Payout.....that's a whole new can of worms.  I did all of my homework asking about payouts to Hawaii since we're not a part of the continental US.  "ohhhhhh, yeah we payout to Hawaii.  No problem.  It only takes a few extra days by courier mail."  Well, I tried making my first payout 9 months later and......"Sorry sir but we don't send checks via PO Box's...nor do we send checks to Hawaii.....Let's just say, my payout is still pending.

  • How's vegas treating you? Please tell me your not in a secret alliance w/ Tony this year.  

  • Best: Pinnacle, 5 Dimes, Bet365,in that order.......oh how I miss Pinnacle.......

    Worst: BetUS, BoDog, Bet Online, in no order

  • Pinnacle Sports, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Betfair (Exchange) and Gamebookers/Partybets.

  • Stew,

    Last time it took three weeks for them to send it to me through the mail. I asked how long it would take before they sent it and they told me 3-4 weeks, so it wasn't longer than they said but longer than some people like to wait for their money.

  • Tommy, How long does it take to get a payout from Betus?

  • I have really enjoyed BetJamaica.com, although it is not a sponsered book by pregame.com. But I did just open a BetUS account to give it a try as well.