Which Sports Jerseys Do You Own?


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Which Sports Jerseys Do You Own?

Tommy Rider is donning his Eric Dickerson jersey in honor of tonight's "big" match-up with Rice

As I sit here today wearing my Eric Dickerson SMU jersey for tonight's big Mustangs route over Rice, I got to thinking: I wonder which player jerseys the members of Pregame have? First, I should say that I understand some people despise wearing players jerseys and I get where they are coming from. It is a little weird thinking of a 30-something Tommy Rider wearing the jersey of another man. But I would argue two things against that. First, most of the jerseys I have I got when I was much younger. Second, I bought my Dickerson jersey for $20 off Ebay and I'm wearing it to support SMU tonight, not because I'm questioning my sexuality.

So, here is the list of jerseys I own:

White Eric Dickerson SMU throwback (Still in use)
Blue signed Eric Dickerson SMU throwback (For Show)
Official blue Troy Aikman Cowboys jersey (Retired)
Official white Emmitt Smith Cowboys jersey (Retired)
Replica blue Ken Norton Cowboys jersey with the sleeves cut off (Still in use)
Replica blue Roy Williams Cowboys jersey (Burned to the ground)
Official blue Major Harris West Virginia jersey (Retired due to size restrictions)
Official maroon Jamelle Holloway Oklahoma jersey (Retired due to size restrictions)
Replica orange Jay Cutler Broncos jersey (Recently given to me as a gift because Cutler and I both have diabetes)

So, I have quite a few but I only really wear my white SMU jersey on Saturdays and my blue Ken Norton Cowboys jersey without the sleeves on Sunday. The rest pretty much just hang in my closet. I have a vision of this big sports room when my wife and I buy a house, so they will most likely become a part of that one day.

Do you guys have any jerseys you still wear? Any you burned to ashes like my Roy Williams one? Perhaps one you got of a player that turned out to be a bust? Or do you just hate people like me who wear jerseys? Let me know where you stand.

And one last thing. When I traveled to different stadiums, I used to see all kinds of crazy jerseys out there. But my award to the most obscure one goes to the Denver Broncos fan who was wearing a Kevin Kasper jersey. They had to be related, right? I mean, who goes to the window and asks for a Kevin Kasper jersey?

  • Official Home Jersey of Tony Gwynn signed HOF '07 (For Show)

    Official Retro Reds Jersaey of Pete Rose signed Charlie Hustle AND Hit King (For Show)

    Official Nebraska Jersey of Roger Craig...signed (For Show)

    ATL Braves Replica & SD Padres Replica

  • TDand Elway.  If Manny resigns maybe a 99 LA  jersey.

  • The Bus!!!! but I didn't buy it... My buddy offered it to me if I would take down the friend of a girl he was trying to bang.... probably the best negotiation of my life

  • None!!  I figure those guys make enough money the way it is.  The only game jersey I ever have worn is the one with my name on the back.

  • Ron Santo , Troy Aikman, E. Smith, TO,  D Hatcher, M Modano, Eddie The Eagle, B Hull, Tony Espizito.and J Nieuwendyk.  All signed except the Santo jersey and hanging on the wall in my game room.

  • St Louis Browns, oh hell, I just dated myself again.

  • I got the Broncos Elway, Al Wilson and Ed McCaffrey and the Avalanche's Joe Sakic.  Looking to get a Jay Cutler jersey.  That kid's gonna be a superstar.  I once ordered a Nomar Dodger jersey, but it showed up with Wright's name on the back...wierd.

  • I have a few Ice Skating tights, you know for those late nights

  • Ray Allen Uconn Jersey

    Jerry Rice Pro Bowl Jersey

    3 different Pistol Pete Jerseys

           - White Hawks Jersey

           - Blue/Green Hawks Jersey

           - White East All Stars Jersey

    Don't wear any of them and never really have except for the Ray Allen Uconn jersey that i used to wear back in Junior High. I just use them for display purposes

  • A Rod Rangers Home Jersey

    Carlos Lee Rangers Home Jersey

  • Portugal e Angola! :D

  • I have a Broncos, Jay Cutler, Jake Plummer and Ashley Lelie jersey. Another other Broncos jerseys you want to donate to my collection would be great ;)

  • I have two.  First of all as a Pats fan I have to rock the Troy Brown jersey (which my kids got for me).  And the only other jersey that I wear proudly is my Pat Tillman jersey that I got in Phoenix on Pat Tillman day against the Pats.

  • I have Zero, but my 5 yr old boy has Brett Favre's home (green) jersey & Brandon Roy's road (black) jersey. Favre & B-Roy.....hard to go wrong with who he has picked out as his 2 favorite athletes......  :)

  • I have a red sox jersey with matsuzaka's number on it. & i also have 2 patriot jerseys - one brady, one moss.