What Sport Do You Cap the Best?


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What Sport Do You Cap the Best?

CFB has been Rider's best sport since he won $100 when Major Harris almost upset Syracuse in the Carrier Dome as a freshman.

As football season nears, a lot of us are getting extremely excited. Football is not only by far the most popular sport in general, it's the most popular in the betting world as well. The NFL would never admit it publicly but they would die if gambling were ever outlawed in this country. That would be bad for business and the NFL is all about the bottom line.

But as much as we love football season, that is the toughest sport to bet in my opinion, particularly the NFL. Because it's played only once a week, NFL lines are usually right on the money. I have heard - and I don't know if it's true or not - that a large majority of professional gamblers make their biggest killing during college basketball season. Because there are so many teams and so many games, it just makes sense that there would be more chances to take advantage of a line that is off.

This got me to thinking. I know football is the sport of choice for most of us as far as being a fan, but what sport do you handicap the best? What sport do you usually make your biggest profit in? For me, it would be college football and college basketball. I don't know if it's because I like college sports more, because I have a better feel for game or maybe because it's easier to cap than pro sports. Either way, I make my most money in CFB and college hoops. I do well in the NFL too but I can go on runs in CFB that are insane. So, what is your sport of choice when it comes to handicapping?

  • Chuck, Major was drafted in the 12th round by the Raiders but never played a down in the NFL. He spent a few years in the Arena League where he set the then single season record for rushing yards. He had a mildly successful career in the Arena League but nothing special. Last I heard he has a high school football coach in WV. By the way, he wasn't elected to the Hall of Fame this year but Don McPherson was. Fucking joke. Troy Aikman and Jay Nocacek made it too. They are two of my favorite players of all-time but neither was a better college player than Major.

  • Hey Matty, do you remember the Major Harris game I'm talking about? It was the year SU went undefeated and their final game was at home against WV. The teams went up and down the field and Major scored late to put WV ahead but their defense couldn't hold the Orange. They scored with 10 seconds left and converted the 2-point conversation to win 32-31. It's one of the greatest games in SU history. It was also the first sign of Major's greatness. If he doesn't get hurt early on against ND, they win the National Title. No one could stop the Major. No one. It's a damn shame he took bad advice and declared for the NFL Draft after his junior season. He was nominated for induction into the CFB Hall of Fame this year and it will be criminal if he doesn't make it. Here is a link I found about the game:


  • Coolege and Pro Football by are are my best.

  • TR, what ever happened to Major Harris?

  • CFB and CBB, it's not even close!

  • Not NBA Matty? I'm a little surprised by that. And apparently Pregame is going to clean up during CFB season based on the responses so far. lol

  • College football first and NFL second

  • College football and basketball.

  • CFB, CBB & Pro Football. Tried Pro Baseball & Pro Basketball NEVER could WIN!