Preparing for a New Gambling Season


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Preparing for a New Gambling Season

Tommy Rider's power rankings have Zac Robinson and OSU rated higher than most heading into the season.

With the start of football season just two short months away, it got me wondering if any of you do specific things to prepare for an upcoming sport in regards to handicapping? I'm sure we all have our own rituals and strategies to prepare for different sports, so I would be interested in hearing some of them from the forum. Below is what I do to prepare for college football season.

I usually begin my college football work in late-May or early-June, when spring practices come to an end. This is also when my first wave of information regarding all the teams arrives. What I do is first read through all my info and get a feel for each team. I then go over spring practice reports to see where the teams are looking good and where they need work. This is a great time to find out that Clemson rotated three guys at left tackle and none of them performed well or that Alabama's young receivers looked good. I make my first wave of notes on all the Division I teams based off of spring practices and early research.

The second wave is starting this week. In early July, I get updated information on all the teams. I read through all that and when I'm done, this is when I start assigning a point system to every position of every team, including coaching and schedules. This is the first step in me coming up with my power rankings for the upcoming season. I also rank the teams in each conference from the best to worst for the first time. This can really be helpful early in the year because if my projected Sun Belt No. 2 team is playing my projected SEC No. 9 team and getting a ton of points, this may represent great line value for me. Remember, these are my own personal rankings so I may have a team like Tulane rated higher than most people. Because of this, I may find more value in a spread involving the Green Wave than others might.

My final phase takes place two weeks before the first game kicks off. This is when I find out how things went in the summer and if question marks I had a couple of months ago, like Clemson's offensive line problems, have been answered. I will then go over all my notes and conference projections, taking into account injuries and suspensions. It's here will I will award my final conference rankings and power rating to every major college football team. So, as we head into the season, I have every conference predicted from worst to first and all 120 teams ranked (That includes Western Kentucky). I will then adjust these projections and rankings accordingly throughout the season.

So that's my preparation for a new season of college football in a nutshell. How do you prepare for a new gambling season? It doesn't have to be football, it can be any sport but I will look forward to hearing some feedback on this subject.

  • Still a mess from what I hear Chuck. Their starting LT is going to be inexperienced and is having a lot of trouble with the speed of freshman sensation DE D'Quan Bowers in practice. Tough game to call. The Tigers are loaded everywhere except at OT. I may wait and see how they do against the Tide before I bet one of their games.

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