What is Your Favorite Sports Team?


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What is Your Favorite Sports Team?


I thought this might be an interesting topic to explore. I see a lot of people on the board rooting for their favorite teams in all different sports but I would be interested to know which one is your absolute favorite? Someone like Matty is a regional fan, meaning he likes all the teams from Chicago, plus he roots for Syracuse where he attended college. My guess is the team he roots for the hardest is the Cubs. Mine is an easy one. There is only one team I really root for and its the Dallas Cowboys. I grew up in NY and my father was going to buy me a Giants helmet for Christmas when I was 5-years old. But when we went into the toy store, much to my father's dismay, I walked over and hugged the silver and blue Cowboys helmet. Reluctantly, he bought it for me and I've been a huge Cowboys fan ever since, going on 30 years now. As my father always says, "We were in New York. What the fu*k was a Cowboys helmet doing there anyway?"

So, out of all the teams you root for, which one do you love the most? If you could pick one of your favorite teams to win a championship, which one would you chose? I really look forward to reading the responses.

  • Unfortunately, We don't have any professional teams out here in Hawaii.  Growing up it was either watching the Cubbies and the likes of Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace on WGN......OR....the Atlanta Braves....on TBS...with David Justice, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Steve Avery, Smoltzy, Terry Pendleton, and yada yada yada....so yeah.... my team is the Braves.....only team I grew up watching!  Sorry Matty...I guess I didn't like the pinstripes on the Cubbies.

  • NY Giants, NY Yankees, anything Syracuse and whoever I have money on!

  • Green Bay Packers & St Louis Cardinals

  • vikings with  twins running a very close second

  • All teams from New England. Patriots are favorite, followed by Red Sox and then the Celtics. I am a fairweather fan when it comes to hockey. If the Bruis are decent, then I root for them.

  • if I had to rank them in some sort of order I'd say  Ravens-Orioles-Fresno State-Dodgers-Lakers

  • Started following the NFL back in the 70's as a Viking's Fan with Fran Tarkenton & the "Purple People Eaters". But growing up in New Orleans ALWAYS a SAINTS FAN!!! Hope I live long enough (I'll be 50 tomorrow) to see them make a Super Bowl Game!!!

  • Dallas Cowboys

  • Razorbacks

  • Redskins.......NFL is the one for me.....follow bases and baskets but dont live and die with any teams in those sports

  • San Diego Chargers... Phillies... Sixers and in the colleges it the Fighting Irish.

  • I back the Vikings despite the repeated stupidity perpetrated by the ownership, management, coaches and players.    I want them to win,  but I don't believe every year that "This will be The Year".     I like the local teams,  except for the Wild...  Not that I dislike them,  but it would have been better if the Northstars had stayed,  or if they named the new team the Minnesota Moose, which was a minor league team that left a year or so before the NHL franchise came to St. Paul.      I like the Maple Leafs,   but I'm not really an insane fan for any one team.   I hates me some Cowboys, Packers and Patriots,   but there's no team that I'd paint my face or body for.

  • You're right - I'm NOT a fair-weather fan LOL

  • Whatever team is winning that season.  I'm from Hawaii which has no Pro teams so I can cheer for whoever I feel like.