NBA Basketball Pick: Muggsy Bogues

The NBA is an ever-changing subject of many conversations. People are constantly comparing players while debating who has more skill. The masses also want information regarding any top NBA basketball pick. Even though there seems to be all different types of debate, one fact rings true - Muggsy Bogues was an underdog who delivered.

The NBA has had many great players throughout the ages. But one that really stands out is point guard Muggsy Bogues. He had incredible skill, but was an underdog because of his height. He is only 5'3", which is the shortest height ever to play in the NBA. Just because he was short, doesn't mean that he wasn't just as good as the other players who are giants. Muggsy could slam dunk just like the rest of them.

Muggsy said, "I always believed in myself. That's the type of attitude I always took out on the floor - knowing that I belonged, that with my talents, my abilities, there's a place for me out there." His height didn't hinder him. If anything, his height, or lack thereof, encouraged and motivated him.

Muggsy was born Tyrone Curtis Bogues on January 9th, 1965 in Baltimore. During his 14 season career with the NBA, he played for different teams, including the Washington Bullets (1987-1988), Charlotte Hornets (1988-1997), Golden State Warriors (1997-1999), and Toronto Raptors (1999-2001). Along side his NBA career, he went on to the filming industry. He had a role in Space Jam, Eddie, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Hang Time.

After his NBA career he went into the real estate business, but just couldn't find the same happiness that he had while playing ball. Muggsy states that he has always thought about coaching basketball, and so he did. He was the head coach of the Charlotte Sting from 2005 to 2007.