Game Time: Sun, 11/04/2012 1:00PM
Pick: 429 Bears -3.5(-110) VS 430 Titans
Contests Entered: NONE
Time Stamp: 11/4/2012 7:47:45 AM 225


Jay Cutler and the Bears offensive line will return to good display, and set aside for another week their problems in this chapter.
Have the Titans will face a defense that does not give more than 80 rush yards per game - bad news for Chris Johnson - who in the last 5 games managed to run for 90 yards or more four times. The veteran QB Matt Hasselbeck will lead the attack again the Titans in place of the injured Jake Locker. Hasselbeck has a relatively good offensive line at his disposal, but only one aerial and below the median potential WRs Kenny Britt and Nate Washington and.
Your track record against the Bears do not play in their favor, since the 5 occasions that confronted, has only four TD and an average of 164 yards.


  A win for the Bears means two things: increase the lead in the NFC North and increase the chances of reaching the playoffs with the advantage of playing at home until the end of the NFC. For the Titans, the chances of going to the playoffs are small, this is because both the Texans and Colts are in top positions in the AFC South.