What makes the best fantasy baseball picks?

If you're in a fantasy baseball league, you probably have a good idea who the best fantasy baseball picks are. For beginners though, there are a few key stats you need to consider before your draft.

If you're looking for starting pitchers, it's fairly obvious that wins, strikeouts and a good ERA (Earned Run Average) will get you far. However, innings pitched and WHIP (Walks plus Hits per Innings Pitched) are also very important. Some leagues have the option of capping the number of innings pitched, so it's best to have a pitcher that doesn't eat up too many innings but still earns wins. Meanwhile, WHIP is also an important efficiency rating to consider when making your fantasy baseball picks - the less walks and hits per inning, the better.

When looking at hitters, the best fantasy baseball picks are not just players who hit a lot of homers and drive in lots of runs. It's just as important to get on base with walks, steal bases and score runs. The key is to find players with the most balance across as many categories as possible and fill out your roster at every position accordingly. If you can do that depending on who's available, you'll have the best fantasy baseball picks.

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