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    pauliemitch I will just say I highly disagree that the Cavs are the better team. This is team we dismantled both times in the regular season, and the games were really not that competitive. And people keep saying "noone is 100 percent in the Finals"...
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    Thanks Bradddah Mikaele41 !! pauliemitch ccrider ...... Yes the heart of this team is fun to watch. Draymond plays with all heart, and makes so many winning basketball plays.
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    Thank you for the kind words pinkpaste and pauliemitch , I do appreciate it. Not a bad day yesterday, all three teams looked very strong. Big day today!
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    appreciate it fellas! shaka sleepyj kundog31 pauliemitch
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    Thanks for the kind words pauliemitch and Stew . Nice to see you guys still hanging around here.
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    may the best team win pauliemitch
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    I believe pauliemitch is on 'em, too.
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