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  • RE: NBA Biggest Plays!!

    Thanks kundog31 . STay hot yourself bro. Lets have a great week !!
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  • RE: MNF play

    I see the Lions winning this game, but you never know with Stafford on the road. I myself am putting a little on the ML.... Seahawks just aren't the same team anymore (clearly) i have a feeling Stafford, Megatron, and Tate have a big game. kundog31
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  • RE: 5 Plays!!

    BOl kundog31 !!!
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  • RE: MLB "GOY" -...

    appreciate it fellas! shaka sleepyj kundog31 pauliemitch
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  • RE: Bulls nation game 3 party...

    Get F#$%*ED good call kundog31
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    kundog31 lets go bulls ! Although that ML movement has me a bit pessimistic bud
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  • RE: 4/23 Chicago bulls vs...

    BOL kundog31 although i am leaning towards Bulls -3 i will end up laying off this game personally just for the simple fact that Mirotic is (most likely out) and i would like to see how much of an impact it has on the Bulls, just gonna sit back and enjoy...
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  • RE: NBA Playoff 1 play

    kundog31 thanks brotha! also like the thought of Danny Green comin alive and showin up for the playoffs!
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  • RE: Warriors

    kundog31 i like Hudson, but honestly it hasn't even been about the pitchers its more of the offense. I wouldn't touch them until they get out of this little slump.
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    good stuff brotha we both cashed in! kundog31
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