Sportsbook Spy provides bet percents straight from multiple sportsbooks, so you can track who is betting what.

  • open = the opening number for each game

  • spread; ml; total = latest line/odds

  • bet# = a tracking of how much action each game has received so far

  • spread% = percent of public backing each team against the spread; point spread for football and basketball; run line for baseball; puck line for hockey

  • ml% = percent of public backing each team on the money line

  • total% = top number is percent of public backing the "over"; bottom number percent backing "under"

  • exotics% = percent of public backing each time when considering a combination of parlays and teasers

  • Yellow shade = backed by greater than 70%, but less than 90%

  • Reddish shading = backed by greater than 90%