2015 Pregame NFL SuperContest (Free Entry - $1500 Prize!)


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RankUser NameWLTPoints 
1 i4jelway7 5727157.50 Archive Picks
2 d_roos6 5628156.50 Archive Picks
3 Chris W. 5529155.50 Archive Picks
4 bv385418 5530055.00 Archive Picks
4 yisman 5530055.00 Archive Picks
5 Sub70golf 5430154.50 Archive Picks
6 capbarclay 5330254.00 Archive Picks
6 JDR8844 5330254.00 Archive Picks
7 brewkt 5331153.50 Archive Picks
7 MicroSusie 5331153.50 Archive Picks
7 MikeD25 5230353.50 Archive Picks
8 sappelhans 5332053.00 Archive Picks
8 Stallone 5130453.00 Archive Picks
8 TurfMonster74 5231253.00 Archive Picks
9 gherchin 5232152.50 Archive Picks
9 Par5n2jas 5131352.50 Archive Picks
10 cgrabowski 5132252.00 Archive Picks
10 homeboogie 5132252.00 Archive Picks
10 slowguru 5132252.00 Archive Picks
10 tver 5233052.00 Archive Picks
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2015 Pregame NFL SuperContest (Free Entry - $1500 Prize!)

Participation Type:OPENEntry Cutoff Date:9/13/2015
Type of Picks:SideContest Has Stages?True
Lines Type:CUSTOM (STATIC)Stage Type:Weekly
Stage Time Period:WeeklyMax Picks Per Stage:5
Winning Criteria:PointsMax Picks Per Contest:0
Start Date:9/9/2015Min Picks Per Stage5
Entry Begins:9/2/2015Min Picks Per Contest:0
End Date:1/3/2016Max Picks Per Day:0
Min Picks Per Day:0Tie Break Start Date:12/16/2015
Tie Break End Date:1/3/2016Total Pick Elimination #:
Total Stage Elimination #:Total Race to Win #:0
Prize 1:$1000 CASHPrize 2:
Prize 3:Prize 4:
Sponsor:Sport Type:NFL
  • Do you have to pick 5 games every week?

  • Will there be a contest this year?

  • so what did you take the grand or the free entry to this years REAL contest?

  • I did receive my prize.

  • Wonder if the winner ever received his prize.

  • How do I claim my prize?  

  • why do u show everyones picks before game starts?

  • all of you ...just stop whining...you sound like little girls...grow up!

  • I must be a freakin more on idiot!!!!


  • What the hell where are the picks I made??

  • I had the same thing. I submitted picks and it gives me 0-5 and no picks submitted.

  • I submitted picks and said I did not!!!!so I lost 5 games????

  • can't even enter picks for the 4pm, 8pm or MNF game? bullshish

  • not very happy, went to submit picks at 1258... said no lines available... went back.. 1259, lines were up made picks quickly... no lines avilable.... went back one more time at 1pm and nothing was there