2014 Pregame Las Vegas SuperContest ($1000 Cash)


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Contest Standings
RankUser NameWLTPoints 
1 natejacobson1 5530055.00 Archive Picks
2 axel360 5430154.50 Archive Picks
3 jman1145 5431054.00 Archive Picks
3 sgs114 5431054.00 Archive Picks
3 WestcoastTycoon 5431054.00 Archive Picks
4 jcrowenyc 5331153.50 Archive Picks
4 yisman 5331153.50 Archive Picks
5 BigDog22 5231253.00 Archive Picks
5 russemar 5332053.00 Archive Picks
6 brokensail 5232152.50 Archive Picks
7 bdboies 5233052.00 Archive Picks
7 bpdoyle 5233052.00 Archive Picks
7 cgrabowski 5233052.00 Archive Picks
7 kiki69 5233052.00 Archive Picks
7 py14rate 5233052.00 Archive Picks
7 SilentP 5132252.00 Archive Picks
8 aphan01 5133151.50 Archive Picks
8 mldouglas21 5133151.50 Archive Picks
9 Charlieamps 5134051.00 Archive Picks
9 mikejojo 5033251.00 Archive Picks
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2014 Pregame Las Vegas SuperContest ($1000 Cash)

Participation Type:OPENEntry Cutoff Date:9/8/2014
Type of Picks:SideContest Has Stages?True
Lines Type:CUSTOM (STATIC)Stage Type:Weekly
Stage Time Period:WeeklyMax Picks Per Stage:5
Winning Criteria:PointsMax Picks Per Contest:0
Start Date:9/4/2014Min Picks Per Stage5
Entry Begins:9/2/2014Min Picks Per Contest:0
End Date:12/29/2014Max Picks Per Day:0
Min Picks Per Day:0Tie Break Start Date:12/11/2014
Tie Break End Date:12/29/2014Total Pick Elimination #:
Total Stage Elimination #:Total Race to Win #:0
Prize 1:$1000 CashPrize 2:
Prize 3:Prize 4:
Sponsor:Sport Type:NFL
  • Tough one axel. Too bad they can't afford to pay out more than one spot here. Of course, it's free, but they get a lot of eyeballs and should be able to sell it to an advertiser for more prize money.

  • Bengals +3.5 to win it all last night. That one hurt.

  • 20 minutes to kickoff of the first game and still no lines for this contest.  This sucks.

  • How do we not have lines yet?! There are three games today!

  • Standings look different from last night with no games played.  I was t-3rd and now I'm t-4th and I don't recognize the names ahead of me from last night. That, and the lines aren't up. Something definitely funky here..

  • Not seeing lines either

  • Where are the lines?  Thursday games!!

  • how does ties break ?

  • NoQualms

    Im sorry no..

  • i wanted to take the thursday night game so i put in my 5 picks yesterday so TNF would be included. I now want to change 1 of my sunday picks but can't figure out how--is that not allowed?

  • brokensail  

    We have put your last week picks in place..

  • My picks were not counted for last week and I went 3-2. I got the confirmation page after placing my picks and now it's showing me as having gone 0-5.

  • it's a fun contest.  Very simple to enter and make picks.  If there are some people having problems, it's most likely "operator error"....not a problem caused by the administrators of this website!!  Can't believe we are already thru week 9.  

    Good luck everyone the rest of the way!

  • Why did my picks not go through last week? I know I submitted them, did you delete them ?

  • Why am I not able to pick my games?? There's still late games and MNF