2013 Pregame SuperContest ($1000 Cash)


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Contest Standings
RankUser NameWLTPoints 
1 seano3 5528256.00 Archive Picks
2 GMandrew 5529155.50 Archive Picks
3 Doral4720 5328455.00 Archive Picks
4 Allan1 5430154.50 Archive Picks
4 tbeggs15 5329354.50 Archive Picks
5 blinginshizzle 5230353.50 Archive Picks
5 ericballman 5331153.50 Archive Picks
6 FabCO 5232152.50 Archive Picks
7 BigDog22 5132252.00 Archive Picks
7 bigosports12 5233052.00 Archive Picks
7 The_kid_wins 5132252.00 Archive Picks
8 Bonzer 5032351.50 Archive Picks
8 Jimidy 5133151.50 Archive Picks
9 Coach18 4933350.50 Archive Picks
9 dmak13 4933350.50 Archive Picks
9 duke4 4933350.50 Archive Picks
10 adarby63 4833450.00 Archive Picks
10 goofypaul 5035050.00 Archive Picks
10 MichPat 4934250.00 Archive Picks
10 tacobell 4934250.00 Archive Picks
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2013 Pregame SuperContest ($1000 Cash)

Participation Type: OPEN Entry Cutoff Date: 9/8/2013
Type of Picks: Side Contest Has Stages? True
Lines Type: CUSTOM (STATIC) Stage Type: Weekly
Stage Time Period: Weekly Max Picks Per Stage: 5
Winning Criteria: Points Max Picks Per Contest: 0
Start Date: 9/4/2013 Min Picks Per Stage 5
Entry Begins: 8/21/2013 Min Picks Per Contest: 0
End Date: 12/30/2013 Max Picks Per Day: 0
Min Picks Per Day: 0 Tie Break Start Date: 12/11/2013
Tie Break End Date: 12/30/2013 Total Pick Elimination #:
Total Stage Elimination #: Total Race to Win #: 0
Prize 1: $1000 Cash Prize 2:
Prize 3: Prize 4:
Sponsor: Pregame.com Sport Type: NFL

  • Who runs this contest? A one-armed blind baby baboon?

  • As of Friday at 3:27, I am getting a screen that says no lines available. Please help! Thanks.

  • Where are the lines for week 7? Aren't they usually up by now?

  • Yeah, it's weird. It's saying I only put in picks for one week and doesn't show any for the rest of the weeks even though I enter 5 each week. Not sure what is going on, but I guess I'll stop playing.

  • How do I join this contest? or is it too late and is it free to enter,I'm new to this site

  • Site gave me 5 losses for not having 5 games picked. I believe i did.. still there under picks but wont let me see them all WTF

  • other than Buckets...702Bronco, KANSAS24, seadogs, Take The Points, beartle, vijaykishore, Dwayne 88, wjwhitley, rlspls, capo, BLT, borney, stevietarheel, Deadpool, kevins1157, and twagshot are the other contestants at this juncture to have more picks than possible.

  • An interesting note regarding contestants having too many picks is that user "Buckets" was also one of the contestants from last season's contest who had too many picks.  

  • Same thing happened in last seasons with entries having more picks than was possible, it was corrected by pregame.com within a week or so.  

  • yeah why do people have more then 10 picks

  • How do people have more than 10 games graded through 2 weeks?  For example I see 8-6 and so forth...2 weeks @ 5 games per week is only 10 games total?

  • ok I finally found the link after clicking through a few times. Nevermind. I missed week 1 but will put in picks the rest of the way if I remember.

  • I see the standings but I don't see how to input the picks

  • thanks

  • @jas7, all 5 have to be done at the same time