Match Marco 2013: MLB -120 or less ($10,000)


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1 Shakman 434432143736.00 Archive Picks
2 redenius7 325313163059.00 Archive Picks
3 mcnasty 41344102386.00 Archive Picks
4 Frommy8903 307323162292.00 Archive Picks
5 caddy519 11910322049.00 Archive Picks
6 halo2009 600614191996.00 Archive Picks
7 x21dew 815848171964.00 Archive Picks
8 killergoats12 907911913.00 Archive Picks
9 bigosports12 890951231744.00 Archive Picks
10 MSSportsCappers 13612701622.00 Archive Picks
11 cooper110 18318571546.00 Archive Picks
12 Guppymoney 12711431535.00 Archive Picks
13 csl1515 442447361334.00 Archive Picks
14 Knightryder 11610961285.00 Archive Picks
15 iamlawboy 908921000.00 Archive Picks
16 Rivi20 2252532947.00 Archive Picks
17 timmygsu848 4745124879.00 Archive Picks
18 pwilson7 105932838.00 Archive Picks
19 UnemployedSharp 1071014714.00 Archive Picks
20 GoodfellaBeau 28328814658.00 Archive Picks
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Match Marco 2013: MLB -120 or less ($10,000)

Participation Type:OPENEntry Cutoff Date:9/29/2013
Type of Picks:AllContest Has Stages?False
Lines Type:LIVEStage Type:
Stage Time Period:Max Picks Per Stage:0
Winning Criteria:ProfitMax Picks Per Contest:0
Start Date:3/31/2013Min Picks Per Stage0
Entry Begins:3/20/2013Min Picks Per Contest:162
End Date:11/1/2013Max Picks Per Day:0
Min Picks Per Day:0Tie Break Start Date:
Tie Break End Date:11/1/2013Total Pick Elimination #:
Total Stage Elimination #:Total Race to Win #:0
Prize 1:Prize 2:
Prize 3:Prize 4:
Sponsor:Sport Type:MLB
  • Does the person with the largest net margin win $500?  And if so, how does this work?

  • Good job, everyone and good luck next year.

  • U clowns are lucky I started late........ You bums are under .500 and there is no way you could hang with me had we started at the same time. This contest would have been over!!!

  • What's up with the Giants/Mets game on the 7/8/13?  I know it went to the 16th and the Mets won but it's hasn't updated on my picks.

  • 12 or 13 is in the lead, I made a post about this a few weeks ago

    I had 10........and there were 5 names in front of me

  • Where can you see who has the longest streak?  I saw a post that 8 was the best.  I started this contest 9-0.

  • It can't count towards their streak for this contest or for their tracking. I can make a bet on ATL +120, +118, +115, +112 and if they win, I only get credit for first one. The computer notices it within a day or two. For this contest it is not counted for multiple picks because you have to check the button, and can only do that once.

  • I've noticed a lot of people making the same pick multiple times and it counting towards their streak.

  • Yes... top section of page look for STREAKS. Then click MLB I have not seen anyone go past 8 so far this season. Two other users and I all three have those streak of 8.

  • Great idea anb75

  • Is there any way to view who has the longest winning streak in this contest seeing as how that's part of the contest?

  • Hey why do i see my account name and rank above the contest standing.  its shows im ranked 7th 5-1 but why am i not showing up on the overall standings?

  • does it cost money?

  • i just won 2 more games and checked the contest box on both and i still dont see my name if it took todays and yesterday picks i would be in top 3

  • @Paccone81 When you make your Picks, make sure you tick the box the enable your Picks to be included in Marcos Contest