NFL HILTON CONTEST 2012 - $1000 Prize!


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RankUser NameWLTPoints 
1 Tyler Morgan 5430154.50 Archive Picks
2 FootballJunky 5229454.00 Archive Picks
3 DufferDuffer 5230353.50 Archive Picks
4 madhits 5131352.50 Archive Picks
5 hkyref33 5132252.00 Archive Picks
5 rawdawg 5031452.00 Archive Picks
5 wpd1771 5132252.00 Archive Picks
6 aukchew 5032351.50 Archive Picks
6 Jkop37 5133151.50 Archive Picks
6 mkelly 5133151.50 Archive Picks
6 Nattymatt 5133151.50 Archive Picks
6 rossi23 5133151.50 Archive Picks
7 9th island 4932451.00 Archive Picks
7 abejr 5033251.00 Archive Picks
7 dplusd 5033251.00 Archive Picks
7 in_a_days 4932451.00 Archive Picks
7 Toofdoc 5033251.00 Archive Picks
8 Celticbhoy 5034150.50 Archive Picks
8 coreyinsocal 4933350.50 Archive Picks
8 eddstir 4933350.50 Archive Picks
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NFL HILTON CONTEST 2012 - $1000 Prize!

Participation Type:OPENEntry Cutoff Date:9/9/2012
Type of Picks:SideContest Has Stages?True
Lines Type:CUSTOM (STATIC)Stage Type:Weekly
Stage Time Period:WeeklyMax Picks Per Stage:5
Winning Criteria:PointsMax Picks Per Contest:0
Start Date:9/5/2012Min Picks Per Stage5
Entry Begins:8/31/2012Min Picks Per Contest:0
End Date:12/31/2012Max Picks Per Day:0
Min Picks Per Day:0Tie Break Start Date:12/6/2012
Tie Break End Date:12/31/2012Total Pick Elimination #:
Total Stage Elimination #:Total Race to Win #:0
Prize 1:$1000 Cash prize!Prize 2:
Prize 3:Prize 4:
Sponsor:Sport Type:NFL
  • The Carolina / Buffalo Line is not correct. Carolina is -3.5 and the Bills are +3. How can that be for the same game?

  • I agree Free Money.  I've been trying to figure out how to make my Hilton picks for about 30 minutes now.  It shouldn't be this difficult

  • how do I sign up?

  • Pregame offers a great service, but they don't understand how to make things easy for the user.  The "free" Hilton contest should be simple to execute, but it wasn't last year, and its not this year.  Don't have time to make calls to figure out this nonsense.  Good luck everyone.

  • Logged in, but how fo you make your PICKS, entered in contest..Help me please...

  • 4th place last year coming with a VENGENCE this year!

  • Good contest..

  • I couldn't get into site to make picks . It would load.  My picks are miami, pitt.  Indy , Phil , cinn.   Heisenberg

  • I'm pretty sure I made my picks. I saw the confirmation screen. anyone else have that problem?

  • I am hitting 64% since week 3.

  • Still showing 4 losses for minimum not met in a week I made picks.  Please fix.  Record should 43-29-3 Thanks

  • Still showing 4 losses for minimum not met in a week I made picks.  Please fix.  Record should 43-29-3 Thanks

  • On the standings rossi23 is shown with only 45 wins but I have 46. Should be 46-28-1.

  • Hey staff can you please remove the 4 losses I was given for this week for not making picks.  My picks are above the losses.  Thanks.  

  • Picks for this week coming late this week?  I feel like they've come out about 6pm Pacific the past few weeks?