2011/12 CBB: Official Pregame.com Contest


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Contest Standings
RankUser NameWLT% 
1 JES SPORTS 7046460.34 Archive Picks
2 hotcorners 9066557.69 Archive Picks
3 Epic285 163122457.19 Archive Picks
4 DA_MOSS 128100356.14 Archive Picks
5 DufferDuffer 7459655.64 Archive Picks
6 jimhelp 7762255.40 Archive Picks
7 walldiver 145118955.13 Archive Picks
8 CincyJoe 1651371154.64 Archive Picks
9 PigskinPat 6656054.10 Archive Picks
10 pool 159136553.90 Archive Picks
11 SKing24 2131851653.52 Archive Picks
12 MICountryBoy 203178753.28 Archive Picks
13 wouldeni 7264452.94 Archive Picks
14 bafirebat 10997352.91 Archive Picks
15 Brenthalee 6457452.89 Archive Picks
16 LandLockedWaveRider 10392652.82 Archive Picks
17 Scottydog 183165452.59 Archive Picks
18 ezmony11 5294772452.58 Archive Picks
19 bucheis 9586552.49 Archive Picks
20 wlambert 129118552.23 Archive Picks
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2011/12 CBB: Official Pregame.com Contest

Participation Type:OPENEntry Cutoff Date:1/10/2012
Type of Picks:AllContest Has Stages?False
Lines Type:LIVEStage Type:
Stage Time Period:Max Picks Per Stage:0
Winning Criteria:Win PercentageMax Picks Per Contest:0
Start Date:11/22/2011Min Picks Per Stage0
Entry Begins:11/21/2011Min Picks Per Contest:120
End Date:4/3/2012Max Picks Per Day:0
Min Picks Per Day:0Tie Break Start Date:
Tie Break End Date:4/3/2012Total Pick Elimination #:
Total Stage Elimination #:Total Race to Win #:0
Prize 1:Prize 2:
Prize 3:Prize 4:
Sponsor:Sport Type:CBB
  • Do you win anything for this pool?

  • yeah

  • What are prizes for Cbb contest?

  • A question I have. Are or will there be any eligible contests for the NBA or NHL still? Hopefully MLB will have one too. I don't even know if my picks are showing up since they're not eligible for a contest. And I'm damn good!

    Jim Helphenstine

    drjimsports.com (Under construction...WordPress is a temporary measure that I will be posting on within the next 2 weeks. I'm as good as anyone in the business and have made a comfortable living handicapping for myself.)

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  • College football totals are my specialty, let's give college hoops a try....

  • how do u sign up?

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