2011 Football Survivor: Official Pregame.com Contest


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2011 Football Survivor: Official Pregame.com Contest

Participation Type:OPENEntry Cutoff Date:9/12/2011
Type of Picks:AllContest Has Stages?True
Lines Type:LIVEStage Type:Weekly
Stage Time Period:WeeklyMax Picks Per Stage:1
Winning Criteria:Last Contestant Not EliminatedMax Picks Per Contest:0
Start Date:9/8/2011Min Picks Per Stage1
Entry Begins:9/6/2011Min Picks Per Contest:0
End Date:1/1/2012Max Picks Per Day:0
Min Picks Per Day:0Tie Break Start Date:
Tie Break End Date:1/1/2012Total Pick Elimination #:1
Total Stage Elimination #:Total Race to Win #:0
Prize 1:Prize 2:
Prize 3:Prize 4:
Sponsor:Sport Type:Football
  • Did I won? Is the contest finished or would I be able to continue adding picks? Was there any kind of Prize? Will there be another similar contest?

  • kc +9 is my pick for week 2

  • I noticed there are lines posted, is this contest ATS or straight up?

  • I thought the same way as D-Money. I made the play in the picks page (Baltimore) and figured it was good to go.

    Do we need to post here?

  • cowboys

  • Where we suppose to make our pick by leaving a message or by the picks page and putting it into the contest? I didn't leave a response cause I thought when I submitted in the picks page I was good.

  • can you only see top two in the standings per page?

  • is there a rules section i can read.  first survivor tourney.  just pick straight up winner each week in nfl/ncaaf and use a team only once? when does week begin?

  • Denver

  • Raiders is my pick

  • denver

  • denver

  • I pick Broncos

  • Denver

  • New England Pats