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Why Advertise with
If you're looking to reach a dedicated audience of males, ages 18-65, with disposable income and an interest in sports, is your advertising solution.

The Demographic
- 80% male
- Proven Gamblers and Online Purchase Converters
- Average income of $45,000+
- Interests include sports, autos, alcohol, family travel, electronics
- Geographically scattered with a more concentrated rural US base than many male demographic sites
- Significant European membership

The Client SuccessModel
Pregame believes that the value of advertising to our clients is in end results. To achieve a successful campaign and fulfillment of your IO, employs both traditional online methods as well as multi-channel methods.
- Onlinebanners in 120x600, 125x125, 468x60 and 798x100 sizes
- Contextual text advertising within our feature content
- Targeted solo emails to our subscriber base of over 250,000
- Contextual text mentions within our daily email content
- One-to-one promotion and marketing via our online forum anddedicated phone associates

Continue reading to see examples of our multi-faceted channels, contact us or download more information to review later.

Advertising Solutions

While's unique blend of advertising solutionsextends beyond the limits of online properties, the majorityof any advertising client's success with Pregame is derived from placement on the properties below.

Click any thumbnail image to see the entire site or current email edition.

pregameforum.jpg Pregame's exclusive message board boasts a member base of over 3000 registered users growing by 5% daily with sticky traffic and thousands of daily page views of users with a vested interest in the best place to bet.

See's Main Site at includes button banners in 125x125 sizes on all side panels, larger skyscraper banners at 120x600 on long length pages, topper banners at 798x100 on all pages except the homepage and contexual text ads within the content and feeds into's live lines page. Pregame attracts tens of thousands of unique visitors each day both during high seasons such as football and basketball and even during lower seasonal times such as baseball.

See today's FPBE report at is the internet's largest daily sports betting newsletter with over a quarter million opt-in subscribers, segmented by sport, geography and behavior pattern. Advertising includes daily special promotion call outs in premier text spots and graphic button spots throughout.

BetMenu Delivered is each week's hottest betting action.
BetMenuDelivered Newsletter: BetMenuDelivered is a twice-weekly opt-in email specifically detailing thebest sportsbook offers, lines and odds to a dedicated list. Advertising includes contextual mentions.

Pay off your Friday cocktail tab with the HollyWagers Weekly newsletter. both a daily blog and a weekly newsletter highlighting the most entertaining and winnable bets on television, film, celebrities, popculture and politics. Advertising includes contextual mentions as wellas limited banner availability on theblog.

Free Weekly Poker Tips in the PotWatch Poker Newsletter PotWatch includes a daily updated site with poker tips and current poker site promotions as well as a weekly opt-in email send of a free poker tip. Advertising includes banner space and contextual mentions on the main site as well as contextual promotions within the newsletter.

Sunday Speed Newsletter
SundaySpeed:SundaySpeed is Pregame's NASCAR devoted twice-weekly newsletter with available contextual advertising for NASCAR related betting and consumer promotions.

Weekly Rants in Johnny Detroit's Weekly Email
JohnnyDetroit'sWeekly Rant: JohnnyDetroit's Weekly Rant is a one-to-one weekly email from's Director of Customer Relations, utilizing thetrust members have invested in Johnny Detroit and recommending only the best sportsbook offers.

Last Minute Deals in the Buzzer Beater Weekly Newsletter
BuzzerBeater Weekly Newsletter:'s Buzzer Beater newsletter is delivered on a flexible schedule to an opt-in list ofover 100,000 users highlighting rotating offers of that week's most enticing sportsbook or sports information produce.

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To get your advertising package up and running right away, please contact us for more details on our advertising options:

phone: 1.800.Pregame
fax: 702.944.8824

You can also visit our resources section below to download the most current version of our advertiser "Quick Start" document or a blank insertion order form.

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