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Las Vegas isn't just about slot machines and show girls! Check out our list of 10 places to go watch a game or to just get a great brew!

Our very first burger & brew review for here in Las Vegas comes from Pregame’s very own JWhip. One of JWhip’s favorite places to grab, not only a burger & brew, but to catch a game as well, is from the Monte Carlo Brew Pub. You will find this pub smack dab in the middle of the strip at the Monte Carlo casino. The burgers here are huge, juicy & delicious! They offer several beers on tap, and you can get them in those really tall tubes for everyone in your group to share, unless of course you are really thirsty, and can pound it down yourself! This is a great place to catch the Monday Night Football game. You won’t miss a play with 40 flat-screen TV’s, including a giant 10x10 projection screen. Xtreme Disorder from X-107.5 hangs out there every Monday through football season handing out cool prizes like Sirius radios, iPods, and tickets to shows on the strip.

  1. Nikki Lee's (Sunset) - Some of the best bar food you will find in Las Vegas (including BBQ ribs), plus a good mix of big screen and flat screen TVs throughout.  Sorry no website for these guys, but you can make a reservation if you are bringing in a big group by calling 702-312-3500.

  2. Buffalo Wild Wings (any location) - If you love wings with your sports, this is the place for you.   BWW offers 35 cent wings on Tuesdays and 50 cent legs on Wednesdays to go along with daily drink specials.

  3. Steiner's ( Las Vegas Blvd.) - Steiner's has one of the very best happy hours in Vegas, featuring half-price appetizers and drink specials.   During Monday Night Football games, they even give out free shots after every touchdown is scored.   Too good to be true?   Give it a shot!

  4. ESPN Zone (NYNY casino) - Probably the best place to watch a game on the Strip that doesn't involve a sports book (though the New York New York sports book is right outside the door for easy access).   Like its namesake, it's hard to beat ESPN for its well-rounded coverage of sports.   There are certainly some All-Stars on the food menu too, so make sure to plan your next gathering at the Zone to find out what you've been missing.

  5. Hooter's (casino or other locations) - Sure, the food is good, but is that really the main reason people go here?   The ultimate "guy" restaurant, Hooters is the place to go for both girl and sports watching.   The reknowned "food" chain features their world-famous wings and is always a great place to watch a game, with the new Hooters casino being an even more popular spot.

  6. Instant Replay (any location) - This little Henderson Sports Bar has a TV wherever you look! With a massive amount of TVs, Instant Replay will have nearly every game on that you want to watch. Carmines Italian restaurant is also inside this fun bar, serving up delicious food at bar prices.

  7. Crown & Anchor (Tropicana) -  The best British pub in Vegas near the airport off Tropicana, the Crown & Anchor has one of the biggest selections of beer on tap from around the world.   Combine that with a fun drinking atmosphere, live music on the weekends and a menu featuring a variety of English-style food specials, and you'll feel right at home amongst friends!

  8. The Brewery (Sunset) - The Brewery's name seems to speak for itself, but it is a bit misleading since they don't brew their own beer.   Instead, The Brewery is a great locals bar with a good variety of draft beers and drink specials during games served by a very friendly wait staff.

  9. PT's Pub (any location) - With over 30 (and counting) locations in the Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas areas you are never far from great food and cheap drinks! Whenever you walk into any PT's Pub, you will always feel like you are part of the party.

  10. Barley's Brewpub (Sunset) - Want a great place to watch a game, place a bet, enjoy good food and outstanding brewed beer?   Barley's is the place to be, combining the best of everything into one location down Sunset Road in nearby Henderson. Barley's also has two happy hours, from 3 pm to 6 pm for the early birds and from 3 am and 6 am for the night owls.

Vegas, baby!


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